New Strings

Hello everyone 😀
I have just swapped the strings on my ukulele to low-G tuning. It makes the chords sound richer without changing the fingering,
you have another 5 notes on the uke, and you can use the lower string and the higher string together and make a bass and treble…thing 😀

If you want to try low-G tuning before buying strings, grab a guitar and capo the 5th fret. the bottom 4 strings make a low g uke.

I bought these strings, and they’re good:

From now on, all my tabs will be in low-G tuning.

If you are some kind of ukulele miracle worker, go to Iernon’s website:
This are some of the best tabs i’ve seen, but they’re all incredibly hard (for me at least).



My new RISA Tenor uke has arrived, and its GREAT!!
Now to buy an amp…

Hello World

Hello 😀

This blog is a place for me to store my ukulele tabs online, available to the public.

The tabs on this website are all made by myself. I’m still new to ukulele, so they aren’t great.

The idea is that I only create tabs that I can’t find anywhere else. Ergo, all the tabs on this website will be obscure as hell. In all likelihood, tunes from games.

Feel free to copy any tabs that you like, but please mention this blog somewhere obvious if you do.

Check out my links, there’s a bunch of really helpful ukulele websites there.