Low-G propaganda

Seriouly guys, you should invest in a low-g string 😀 They’re on ebay for under 5 dollars! Find one that somewhat matches your other strings and wind it on! It just makes everything better 😀 The chords sound fuller, you can provide the bass at ukulele jam sessions, you have an extra 5 notes, which is REALLY handy. Think of all those songs you tried to pick out and said “Aaah damn, i need just another 2 frets down to play that!”. Problem solved!

Right now I’m using Aurora strings in blue. They’re nylon, made by aquila, and they’re bright blue! Here’s the website, you an get them in a whole bunch of colours, and they sound really good! http://stringsbyaurora.com/

For my low-G string, I’ve got a wound nylgut low-G by aquila, and it just sings 😀


3 responses to “Low-G propaganda

  1. Hey man! I’m totally permeable to the low-G propaganda and actually looking forward to invest in a low g string. Is the Aurora low 4th the string you’re using with your Risa Solid? ‘Cause that’s the uke I have too and wondered whether it needed specific manufacturer-sanctioned strings.

    • I just use aurora’s and they work fine 😀 I’d vote against wound strings though. Double edged sword really, they sound spectacular, but they break much sooner and kinda damage the little holes at the top, so unwound nylgut low-g is the way to go, preferable the same brand as the rest of your strings 🙂

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